Glengarry Glen Ross Review: East Bay Times

"...pleads his case to office manager John Williamson (a marvelous Miia Ashley) at a Chinese restaurant..."

To Kill a Mockingbird Review: Marin Independent Journal

"Miia Ashley tries in vain to keep the kids out of trouble as the Finches' stern housekeeper Calpurnia..."

To Kill a Mockingbird Review: EDGE Publications, San Fransisco

"With the exception of Miia Ashley (a recent Actors Studio graduate) as sharp-tongued housekeeper Calpurnia..."




It Shoulda Been You Review: The Mercury News

"...and maid of honor Annie (Miia Ashley) don’t get much of a chance to be characters until the second act, when they do a pricelessly melodramatic wedding toast in song."



It Shoulda Been You Review: Joint Forces Journal

"...and their maid of honor, Annie (the very talented Miia Ashley)..."